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About Corr Home Improvement

It's true! Corr Home Improvement is a one-man show. I don't want to jab you with all of the extra employment fees and lack of oversight. Working one-on-one gives me the chance to better accomplish the desires of my clients. My hope is to earn the trust of those in the PNW, who want to be proud of their home. 


My experience has come from three different areas of life:

  1. Family- I'm proud to have been raised by hard-working, blue-collar craftsmen (& women). My grandfather literally taught me how to swing a hammer. He would bring me into his shop before dinner and show me how to execute the intricate cuts of a bandsaw, as we fashioned a trestle together out of recycled cedar for his trainset. My mom is also to blame in my fascination of how to improve a home. I was lucky enough to work with her from time to time. I started with replacing light switch covers, when I was really young (only getting shocked a couple times). I would eventually learn how to repair garbage disposals and swap out toilets. Her extensive experience with painting has also given me the knowledge and experience I now have. I never knew when I would leave our home and return with walls of a different color.

  2. Career- What's funny about the term "Jack of all trades" is that my grandfather's (and son's) name is Jack (and both were born with tools in their hands). So, it's no wonder why I have labored in so many different trades in the construction field. I will be honest and say when I don't feel proficient in a task (see Values below), but I'm also grateful for all of the experience I do have. Namely in concrete, carpentry, fixtures, and general home maintenance. I'm particularly fond of my time spent with one home builder, here in the PNW. The experience I gained with that company has proven invaluable to the rest of my life. Not only was I able to work with just about every trade involved in the construction of a home, but I was fortunate enough to acquire and/or hone skills in leadership, administration, organization, and customer relations.

  3. DIY- Finally, I am a lifelong student. I'm also stubborn when it comes to being able to figure something out. Rarely is there ever an occasion that presents itself as 100% identical to any other situation. It's those challenges that offer a learning opportunity and I thrive in those challenges. I also enjoy experimenting with my own home. As I write this, I'm constructing a playset in the back yard. No instructions. Just spare wood, and some google image searches for inspiration. 


  • Integrity- Arguably the most important value of any person or company, I keep an "open-book" policy by sharing any and all details that you want to know about in any transaction. This means no unexplained price hikes, and no hyping up proficiency if I don't know how to do something. 

  • Inspiration- I take pride in my slogan, "Be proud of your home." Believe it or not, I don't go home just thinking, "wow, I just got that person to give me $$." What excites me is leaving a home with the satisfaction of those who have trusted me with a vision of their home.

  • Intercommunication- The above two qualities are the drivers for what I do. Intercommunication is the vehicle. By keeping an appropriate connection with my clients, I can better accomplish the vision with which they have entrusted me.

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